The Mobility Management and Networking (MOMENT) Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara focuses on mobile, wireless networking, as well as solutions for information and communications technology for development (ICTD).  Please check out our "About" page to learn more about our recent research.


  • 27 October 2022 —  It was so wonderful to see MOMENT Lab alumni Prof. Morgan Vigil-Hayes and Prof. Mariya Zheleva at the NSF Smart & Connected Communities PI meeting in October, where they presented their successful and inspiring S&CC projects!
  • 27 October 2022 —  HUGE Congratulations to MOMENT Lab members Udit Paul and Jiamo Liu on receiving the Distinguished Paper Award (Best Long Paper) at ACM IMC'22!  Wow!!!  This work is so important and timely given the recent focus on crowdsourced speed test measurements for policy-related decision-making. Our paper argues that using these measurements without understanding their context is problematic. Though the community had internalized that speed-test results can be misleading, no one knew the extent of skews in such crowdsourced datasets. One significant roadblock in contextualizing these measurements was... Read more
  • 24 August 2022 —  Congratulations to MOMENT Lab alum Dr. Mariya Zheleva on her promotion to Associate Professor at the University of Albany!!
  • 24 August 2022 —  Congratulations to MOMENT Lab student Udit Paul and Jiamo Liu on the acceptance of their paper titled "The Importance of Contextualization of Crowdsourced Active Speed Test Measurements" to ACM IMC'22!  We hope that this work contributes to better methodologies for assessing broadband Internet connectivity.
  • 24 July 2022 —  Congratulations to Dr. Vivek Adarsh on becoming the 20th Ph.D. of the MOMENT Lab!  
  • 08 October 2020 —  Congratulations to MOMENT Ph.D. student Vivek Adarsh for winning the HP Labs Best in Class summer project.  Vivek's work on smartNICs was selected out of over 400 intern projects.  Read more about his project here.
  • 30 April 2020 —  Congratulations to MOMENT PhD student Michael Nekrasov on the successful completion of his Ph.D.  Dr. Nekrasov, whose dissertation is titled "Robust, Resilient Networked Communication in Challenged Environments", is the 19th Ph.D. graduate of the MOMENT Lab.  Who will be graduate #20??
  • 30 June 2020 —  Congratulations to MOMENT student Dana Nguyen on the successful completion of her MS degree!   We will miss you Dana!
  • 12 January 2020 —  Congratulations to Udit Paul, Vivek Adarsh, Michael Nekrasov and Alex Ermakov on the publication of their paper "#Outage: Detecting Power and Communication Outages from Social Networks" in WWW'20!!!
  • 23 September 2019 —  Congratulations and farewell to Mai El Sherief on completing her Ph.D. on Social Computing Techniques for Personal Safety. We look forward to hearing about your next ventures.

Our active topics include:

Network Monitoring and Assesment


Cellular Networks


Aerial Networks


Extending Internet Connectivity