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The Mobility Management and Networking (MOMENT) Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara focuses on the development and characterization of wireless and mobile networking technology.



Kwiizya project and MobiSys 2013 paper covered in New Scientist

By ebelding - Posted on 08 July 2013

Our recent MobiSys 2013 paper describing our Kwiizya development and deployment in Macha, Zambia was covered in New Scientist.

Congratulations to Morgan!

By moment - Posted on 10 April 2013

Congratulations to Moment Lab Ph.D. student Morgan Vigil on her reception of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Microsoft Research Graduate Women Scholarship, 2013! 

Congratulations to Dr. Johnson!

By moment - Posted on 10 April 2013

Congratulations to Dr. David Johnson on the successful defense of his Ph.D. Dissertation, titled "Re-architecting Internet Access and Wireless Networks for Rural Developing Regions."  Dr. DJ will now lead the Cognitive Radios for Emerging Regions group in the Meraka Institute of CSIR, in Cape Town.  The Moment Lab looks forward to continuing collaborations with David in the years to come!

Moment lab's work on technologies for development featured in the Fall issue of the Convergence Magazine

By veljko - Posted on 27 November 2012

The article describes our work in Africa, collaboration with prof. Amr El Abbadi and prof. Lisa Park's group along with some cool photos we took on our field trips:

Outdoor presentation under the stars in Macha on Internet usage research and VillageNet

By djohnson - Posted on 10 July 2012

We annouced on the local radio station that we were going to talk about research done on traffic patterns in Linknet inMacha and the new VillageNet project at the outdoor projection wall near the restaurant. We also used the Machaworks Facebook site to advertise the meeting.

About 15 local people arrived for the talk and a few western visitors. It was a very unique experience to enjoy the brilliant milky way and talk about the uniqueness of Macha's Internet community. We showed the Facebook social graph with locality of interest that provided strong motivation for the VillageShare and VillageCell projects.

A quick demo was given of VillageShare and an open invitation was made for local people to participate in providing a local Tonga name for VillageShare as well as provide some graphic design material. There is a local user in Macha who has strong graphic design skills and who can help with the final design.

2 VillageCell base stations now running in Macha, Zambia

By djohnson - Posted on 09 July 2012

After two weeks of fighting with technology going wrong in the bush, we finally have 2 VillageCell GSM base stations up in Macha, Zambia. Phone calls are now being made within a 5km radius between multiple base stations, using an existing Wi-Fi-based backhaul.

There were many lessons learnt:

VillageNet project highlighted in Spring 2012 issue of UC Santa Barbara's Today Magazine

By ebelding - Posted on 24 May 2012

Our VillageNet work for developing better and more widespread Internet technology in Macha, Zambia has been highlighted in the Spring 2012 issue of UC Santa Barbara's Today Magazine.  Check out pages 8 and 9!

Prof. Belding wins UCSB Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award!

By ebelding - Posted on 30 April 2012

In recognition of her work with her own graduate students, as well as for the work she does on behalf of all the graduate students in the Computer Science department, Prof. Belding won UCSB's Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award 2012!  This includes her work as a Graduate Program Advisor as well as her oversight of the Computer Science graduate program.  Congratulations!

Veljko receives postdoc offer at University of Birmingham, UK!

By ebelding - Posted on 30 April 2012

Our senior Ph.D. student, Veljko Pejovic, will graduate this summer and leave us to become a postdoc at the University of Birmingham in the UK.  Congratulations Veljko, we will miss you!